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Comic Book Collections

One of my favorite hobbies is the collection of used and new comic books. I possess over fifteen hundred and fifty comic books that include first printings, autographed copies and graphic novels. Almost all of my collection is super heroes. Why do people collect comic books?

As with most young boys, comic books fascinated me. Adventures to strange planets, odd beings bent on destroying earth just because they can, and the super heroes who must stop the perpetrators. If you take all the elements needed to draft a story, shake and toss the ideas around, brainstorm and throw in a little drama, then you got a good story.

I had comic books growing up but never realized the potential market for it. On occasion I find a comic book that I specifically remember reading as a child and look at how much it is worth today. I am amazed and a little mad that I did not keep them. My current comic book collection commenced in the mid-1980′s when comic books were only seventy-five cents. I was living at home and paid little rent. I happened to notice a comic book store not far from where I had worked. I walked in and entered another world. The best part was the comics that were reduced in price. I would get bags full and read with delight into the wee hours of the morning. Other times I found autographed copies from the artists or writers and would buy those. When Batman and The Dark Knight series came out I managed to get all four first printings. Unfortunately they were stolen, along with some other valuable merchandise.

How can you put a limit on learning more? The next section may contain that one little bit of wisdom that changes everything.

My comic book collection contains a great deal of graphic novels. I enjoy both the comic book and the graphic novel. Oftentimes I come across people who collect comic books and they try to explain to me that they do not read them; they retain it for the potential value. While I do not engage in that practice, if you believe the comic books you buy will be worth something, then by all means do it. I know some of my comic books are worth money but that is not a consideration when I buy them. If I want to read a particular comic book, and it is worth money, I will read it anyway. It may deflate the price, but to reiterate, that is not why I buy them.

A great many people buy covers for their comic books. That is a very good idea. However, you want to make sure the bags are acid free or it will affect the look of your comic books. Storing them in a dry, cool place is preferred. Boxes that are equal in size to the comic book are a good idea since they bend very easily.

People collect comic books for various reasons and it is good to know how to take care of them. The possibility of comic books rising in value is hard to predict, yet it can be done. It takes a bit of research and some luck but the risk is worth it to many people. I collect comic books because I love to read them and determine how the hero will eventually catch the criminal. Whatever the reason, comic books are a staple in our society.

That’s how things stand right now. Keep in mind that any subject can change over time, so be sure you keep up with the latest news.

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Concerns With Comic Books

The following article presents the very latest information on Comic Books. If you have a particular interest in Comic Books, then this informative article is required reading.

One of the areas of concern with comic books is the violence. The violence contained in some of the comic books today is common. With more realism being demanded, comic books of today assimilate real life situations into their plots. The perilous undertaking of the hero or villain can be justified with a realistic approach. If people want what is transpiring in today’s world then comic books will emulate that. Parents should caution their children with some of the content published in various comic books. The graphics displayed today are amazingly realistic. Children need to be aware and make responsible choices. With that being said, the content being viewed on television makes children desensitized to explicit situations. The graphic composition of some comic books are illustrated through various categories. The super hero comic books usually will be more graphic than a non-super hero comic book.

The question of reading a graphic comic book can be dispelled when a child’s age is taken into consideration. The comic book business has a rating system, but if you make an analogy to the movie companies rating system then the existing question remains. At what age would be appropriate for a person to read a graphic comic book? There is no easy answer to that question because each household embraces different standards. Family A allows their child to watch adult movies but family B does not. They watched the same movie but in different homes with differing standards. Common sense should dictate. However, common sense is not so common.

If a superhero, villain or civilian gets wounded in a comic book, how much should the artist show to illustrate their point? Should blood rush out in steady bursts or would a trickle suffice? Again, it depends on the content of the comic book. What kind of brawl was it? What, if any, kind of weapons were used? The result is dependant upon the battle itself. Therefore, to suggest a toning down of bloodshed would diminish the realism that is being sought.
Ultimately, it is the parent’s decision to monitor what the children read while being cautious not to initiate censorship. A delicate balance must be in accord with the parent’s belief structure.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Comic Books. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

A parent raised on comic books might be more apt to let their children read them while a person who grew up in a stricter household would not. What becomes right or wrong is distorted when viewed on an individual basis. Collectively a standard exists with the current rating system in place. Individual bias toward comic books need not render the system obsolete. Individuals should view comic books according to the genre and read within the family’s belief structure.

In addition to the graphic content of comic books, a different component surfaces. While it is not widespread, cursing does appear in comic books. The harsher of curse words are not necessarily shown but the more accepted ones are. Children are going to learn derogatory words through friends, school and the parents themselves. Even a great deal of novels contains curse words.

In comic books, the curse words are placed there to demonstrate a point of how the characters are feeling. The anguished faces that are drawn suggest that a curse word would be nestled in there to express their position.
Whatever side of the table you sit on, the comic books graphic content and the colorful metaphors are an intricate part of the experience.

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Heroes And Villains In Comic Books

Heroes and villains in comic books have made their mark in society. Not just in comic books but in literature throughout the ages. Essentially literature and comic books bring to life the drama associated between good and evil, and it is that premise that becomes an indispensable guide to understand human nature.

In a nutshell, you will not know evil if you have never experience goodness. The antithesis holds true. If you never experienced good, you have never experienced evil. In comic books, the heroes and villains try to ante up the stakes by pitting their resources against one another for the sake of besting the other. The heroes usually come out victorious but criminals can be just as successful. If the heroes always won, it would make comic books dull and uninteresting. The villains have to be counted on to cause ruckus and mayhem otherwise; the storyline does not coincide with a balance that must be struck.

See how much you can learn about Comic Books when you take a little time to read a well-researched article? Don’t miss out on the rest of this great information.

Today’s comic books have smarter criminals, weaponry that is more sophisticated and more behavior that is aggressive. Does this make the hero more steadfast in his or hers reaction to the villains aggressiveness? It depends on the hero. You do not have to possess superhuman powers to outsmart a villain. In today’s comic books, a hero can employ a great deal of cunning to outsmart a villain. The comic books of today offer a recipe for the balance of power.

A villain usually takes on a key role and if the hero does not thwart the diabolical plan, the hero may lose confidence. In that vein, the comic book looks at the human condition. Why was there failure? What could have prevented the villain from escaping? With the loss of self-belief, the hero of the comic book must take necessary steps to assure success or the villain, sensing something amiss with the good guy, can utilize plans that are even more ambitious. With the balance askew for the time being, the hero must reassert his or her authority to impede the villains plan. The hero does not have to be in the superhero genre. It could be any comic book that pertains to the right or wrong in making a decision.

Heroes and villains in comic books enable the reader to make choices, and within that framework, can get a better understanding of what both the villain and the hero had to do to succeed. However, success is only a temporary distraction. It permits a continuation of the story. So then, who is really the victor and the loser? If both hero and the villain continually face off against one another, where and when will it end? Quite possibly nothing short of the demise of one or the both of them. Perhaps the villain may go to jail, but eventually he or she will be released and the comic books prevail. There is clearly no winner or loser. The only winner will be found out in the next installment. Moreover, the only loser is the person who does not read the next issue.

That’s the latest from the Comic Books authorities. Once you’re familiar with these ideas, you’ll be ready to move to the next level.

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Comic Books And The Movies

The movie industry is abuzz with comic books being adapted to the full screen. Not only is it profitable for Hollywood to produce comic book characters, but for the comic book industry too. There have been low budget movies and television series based on the more popular comic books. Usually the low budget movies do not fare well.

The blockbuster comic book movies usually use well-known actors and the difference between the low budget movies and the high-end movies are palpable.

The television industry has had a love affair with comic book heroes for generations. The old serial shorts showed a popular comic book hero. The special affects were limited with the era but it introduced the character into the mainstream.
The advent of radio-helped pave the way for the comic books to hit the ordinary folk that would never had the exposure to them.

I trust that what you’ve read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

As time advanced so did the technology and the special effects. Certain comic book super heroes needed to employ certain feats to appear to fly and see through walls. Wires were strung on the costumes, and hoisted in the air to appear to defy gravity. Boulders that were huge in size were actually made of paper. All kinds of primitive devices were used to entertain us. And entertain they did. The advances in the special effects department gave Hollywood its first glimpse into a lucrative enterprise. In 1978 the first big blockbuster came onto the scene and the movie industry was taken aback at the amount of money that was made. The comic book industry took notice to and continued with three more sequels that never matched the first one. In 1989 Batman came out and it was an instant success. Jack Nicholson portyrayed the Joker with fervent appeal and was the only actor, at the time, to receive a share of the profits.

There have been a few Batman movies and each successive one had better special effects. The comic books had finally come into majority of the households. The Hulk, the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, Spiderman, The Punisher, and soon to be released Iron Man.

With so man famous comic books hitting the big screen, the relationship between the movie industry and the comic book business have cemented. Obviously, it benefits both parties. The movie empire can be assured on profits, especially if word of mouth is positive. Nothing can sink a movies fortune than a negative response from people. I am not referring to the critics. Ordinary people who spend their hard earned money are more influential than the critics. It helps the comic book domain by getting more and more people exposed to their comic book heroes and villains. Thus, people who normally would not read comic books could be persuaded to buy some.

Comic books and the movies enjoy a relationship that has endured for a long time. Each successive generation will be able to watch new movies with different comic book characters. And each one will bring about changes in how the movies are made and the special effects they use.

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Comic Book Merchandising

When a comic book hero becomes famous, the natural inclination is to profit from it. The merchandising of comic book characters is such a venue. The advertising agencies are cognizant of that fact, and so are the comic book publishers. The merchandisings of movies are popular too. Star Wars is a prime example of that. The movie came first. It became such a success that they sold posters and action figures of all the main characters, and a wide assortment of related materials. To put the merchandising power in perspective, consider George Lucas’s Star War films. All six of the movies grossed almost three and a half billion dollars. The merchandising of the Star Wars totaled over nine billion dollars. After you consider that, they made Star Wars into comic books!

Merchandising comic books is a serious art. If done correctly the amount of revenue could be staggering. Never the less, there are points to mull over. The location of the action figure in stores, are they displayed prominently where they will receive the most attention? Is the box packaged in such a way that it lures the target audience to it? In addition, one of the most important items is the price. The price has to be reasonable to the public.

The merchandising of comic books also takes form in tee shirts. You can acquire a Superman logo tee shirt from any comic book store. Moreover, you can buy a Superman logo tee shirt at any local mall. The mainstreaming of merchandising in local stores put the super heroes in the forefront of people’s consciousness. If you are bombarded with something long enough, it becomes accepted and more people are apt to buy it.

The more authentic information about Comic Books you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Comic Books expert. Read on for even more Comic Books facts that you can share.

There are psychological and sociological studies to determine the best course of action for merchandising company’s products. People’s nonverbal movements can be observed to determine if a product, in this case an action figure, tee shirt or anything related to the comic book merchandising, is pleasing to the consumer or not. Facial expressions are an important indicator to see if a person will purchase your merchandise.

Another key area is word of mouth. When you see a movie, and really liked it, you are more lilkely to tell everyone you know about it. When a comic book company makes a movie, they advertise it extensively. The fast food restaurants are an excellent place to market their merchandise for young children. What better way to advertise than go to a local Burger King, Wendy’s or McDonalds and see the latest comic book movie’s (or any other movie that pertains to children) main characters as action figures?

There are so many aspects to merchandising comic books and the respective super heroes. It does not take a qualified expert to see the prospect of making copious amounts of money through seemingly harmless venues. The operative word I chose was seemingly. Only time will tell the effects of the barrage of advertising merchandise that takes place on a daily basis. Merchandising for comic books is no exception.

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Rare and First Printing Comic Books

The following article includes pertinent information that may cause you to reconsider what you thought you understood. The most important thing is to study with an open mind and be willing to revise your understanding if necessary.

Rare and first printing comic books are an industry that comprises serious minded individual’s intent on getting their moneys worth. There is a great deal of information that needs to be understood prior to getting into the business. The values placed on comic books are based on rare the comic book is, was it a first edition, and most importantly the condition of the comic book. A good comic pricing guide is essential to determine how much, if any, your comic book is worth.

A prime example of this is my comic book collection. When the Batman’s Dark Knight Series came out, I bought the first issue. I purchased it because I liked the concept of an old Bruce Wayne trying to gain back his lost youth. The streets had fallen to the younger generation. In one segment he fought, and barely won, a young person. In his prime, Batman would have had no problem taking the young man out. However, old age crept in and he had to deal with his lost youth, and his mortality. I never took into the account that it would end up being worth anything. Imagine my surprise when I learned DC had only made a certain number of issues, never dreaming the popularity would ensue. I bought the three remaining first printing issues. They were worth, to me, a lot more than I paid for them. When they were stolen, I was devastated. I was crushed because I loved the comic books and not because they were worth a little money.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Comic Books. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

The pricing guide’s most famous company is The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. It has an extensive list of every comic book and a guide to its value. Some of the grades of the comic book affect the pricing. Here are a few brief examples.
Mint- Mint condition comic books are probably as good as the comic book will ever be. Everything from the fresh colors, to the absence of rust from the staples, to the different shades of white the paper is. Who can say if such a condition exists? I would love to see someone’s version of a mint comic book.
Near mint-, this condition has somewhat lower standards than the mint. Negligible flaws are to be expected, but none that would hamper the price.

Very fine- very fine condition has outstanding looks that are entreaty in nature.
There are many more categories to take into consideration when buying comic books for their value. The monthly magazine, Wizard, also has a pricing guide for comic books but I do not believe they are as comprehensive as The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Rare and first printing comic books can be very lucrative if you know how to play the game. It takes patience and a keen, discerning eye, coupled with knowledge of the market. Without the knowledge of the comic book market, the rest of the objectives become useless. A great deal of research is required. Going into a situation blind is not recommended unless you have deep pockets and a jovial disposition.

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Learning New Words From Comic Books

When someone thinks of comic books, they probably don’t take into account the cache of words that are displayed on each page. Most people think comic books are for kids and a waste of time for adults. Nothing could be further from the truth.
I have been a comic book fan since I was a child. Many of the words I’ve learned through the years were the direct result of reading comic books. When I was young and had comic books to read, I had the dictionary with me. My copious vocabulary is, in part, due to reading comic books.

How can someone expect to decipher what was be revealed when you can’t understand words and their usage? The same is applicable with regular books, but comic books are shorter in length so the words being used have to be chosen carefully. The square that the characters are contained in can only have so much dialogue. The selected words have to be descriptive, yet alluring to make the reader remain interested.

To augment your vocabulary, comic books are a great place to start. I vividly remember not knowing a particular word. I could not translate the meaning from the context of the sentence. A dictionary proved invaluable.
Learning new words from comic books entails very little work. You have to have and know how to use a dictionary and thesaurus, and you have to have the desire to find out what the words mean.

If you find yourself confused by what you’ve read to this point, don’t despair. Everything should be crystal clear by the time you finish.

The accumulation of words through reading of comic books can help in tests for school. The vocabulary section of some of the levels of educational requirements would elevate the national average, if everyone who read comic books did the required look up of words they did not know. Some would view that as a grandiose statement. Even an ignorant and ludicrous proclamation. If a person has an insatiable curiosity and an eagerness to learn, comic books are a great format to get started.

Children aside, a great deal of adults read comic books. From white collared to the blue collared, age and work statuses are irrelevant. When I go to a comic book store I often see men wearing ties and people wearing tee shirts. In addition, I often hear conversations on what new things are happening in the comic book world. It takes a life of its own when you stand there and listen in on other people’s discourse. The exchange may help you understand where a mini series is headed or what happened to a certain villain or superhero. If you’re not sure of something the clerk usually is more than knowledgeable in that genre. I have asked several questions on a particular super hero. One of the clerks knew nothing about the character I asked about.

The other clerk was well versed and helped explain what I was not understanding.
In the final analysis one can find enjoyment reading comic books. And you can learn new words from reading comic books. If you happen to have a large vocabulary, then you can still benefit from reading comic books. It would take you a shorter amount of time to read them and still learn in the process. I have learned words from reading comic books and I believe that anyone can if they have the yearning to take the little extra time it requires.

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The Bronze Age of Comic Books

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Comic Books in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.

The bronze age of comic books is generally considered from the early 1970′s to the mid 1980′s in the American culture. This period saw a continuance from the silver age. However, during this time the comic book publishers were introducing a darkening of plots with more adult themes.

One of the most central events that characterized the darkness inception was the death of Gwen Stacy. She was Peter Parker’s long time girlfriend. For the first time in comic books, the arch- villain (in this case The Green Goblin) took a life. Gwen Stacy epitome was cut short. Now the public knew that realism in the comic book world had taken a bold new course. Never again would the comic book world be the same. That occurrence underscored the end of one era and the beginning of another.

The mature content was a wake up call. Comic books once again took on social issues.

You may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information about Comic Books. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days.

The social problems were dealt with the appearance of minority comic book heroes. The heroes for hire co-starring Luke Cage embodied the industries intent on implementing African-Americans despite condemnation claiming he was just another ethnic typecast. Prior to Luke’s entrance, the Black Panther and Falcon were a staple in the comic book world. Both the Black Panther and the Falcon were more resistant to the social outcry of Luke Cage. Perhaps it was because there were no stereotypical portrayals within their respective comic books.

Another important addition, lending the credence of minorities in comic books, were the X-Men. Humanity was shown to be prejudiced against the X-Men because they were mutants. Apparently, the next step in human evolution was hard to swallow in the Marvel comic book universe. When people do not understand something, or are in fear of it, then they rebel. The representation of X-Men seemed analogous to the minority concerns. On a collective scale, the issues surrounding the X-Men portend a shift in the perception of the human race. If civilization cannot handle, or accept the mutants as they are, then how are we, as a whole, able to accept minorities? The bronze age of comic books addressed those concerns, and others, with realism (as far as realism can be attained within that context). On an individual level, people were not accepting of the X-men. They feared what they could not comprehend. When that transpires then fear turns to rage then to violence. Violence usually ensues when ignorance runs rampant. The analogy of the X-men to minorities is a first-rate one. The prejudices faced by both the X-Men and minorities may have taken different paths but the result is the same. The Bronze Age of Comic books helped define what America was thinking at the time.

The end of the Bronze Age of comic books is littered with speculation. Some suggest that the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” was the beginning of the end, but there is no definitive proof. Other people claim that the Bronze Age of comic books never really left and that it continues with the dawn of the Modern Age of comics. By either account, the Bronze Age of comic books was an important one where social change took place on more than front.

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Comic Books From Around the World

The only way to keep up with the latest about Comic Books is to constantly stay on the lookout for new information. If you read everything you find about Comic Books, it won’t take long for you to become an influential authority.

There are a vast number of comic books to choose since their inception. When someone thinks about comic books, they think of everyday comics and their heroes in this country.

However, comic books do not always come from the United States. The vast majority of the world has comic books. The European Union houses copious amounts of comic books. France, British, Italy are just some of the different nations that partake.
France has had comic books for a long time. The comic book author generally decides when the next installment comes out. Since it is the discretion of the author, he or she may take months or even years for the next issue to be published. The audience does not seem to be bothered with waiting. If it is the will of the author, so be it. The amount of comic books that are produced from France is significant comparatively to the populace, which would indicate that it is a popular form of entertainment. If there are many authors to choose from, then this lends to the idea of people not caring how long it takes to buy the next installment. The reader can buy a different title from a different author.

The British comic books are not as well know as their American counterpart. One of the more popular comic books that hailed from Britain was the Judge Dredd series brought to life by Sylvester Stallone. Although it brought to light a comic book character from Britain, most people did not know it originated from there. Marvel comics opened up an office in Britain in 1972. DC and Dark Horse comics did not open up offices there until the 1990′s. It seems the English enjoy our comic book heroes as well as we do.

Sometimes the most important aspects of a subject are not immediately obvious. Keep reading to get the complete picture.

Italian comic books are strongly influenced by other countries. They prefer more adventure like stories that tell tales. Unlike America, where once a week you can find a new edition, Italian comic books come out monthly and are usually longer in length. The Italian comic book publishers immensely enjoy Walt Disney characters. They are the largest manufacturers of Walt Disney figures, other than the United States.

The Japanese also love comic books. In Japan, they are referred to as Magna. They are known for their exaggerated facial features, which were inspired by American authors. Japan had requested help from comic book artists from America to go over to learn contours, shapes and colors to help revise their comic books. The result was the exponential growth of comic books.

It appears that America has a big influence of comic books from around the world. The result implies that everyone, no matter where you reside, wants a form of pictorial entertainment. The pursuit of amusement with a glossy cover, colored pages depicting figures that face immeasurable odds, only enhance the benefit of reading comic books. The world needs a release, and through the sequential formats they provide, there will be a never-ending deluge of comic books to read. America is not alone in its need to escape and absorb into a fantasy-based comic book.

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The Science Fiction of Comic Books

The science fiction of comic books always fascinated the public. Where else could you read a forty-eight page comic book and find alternate universes or parallel universes? One could read a science fiction short story or a novel, but to see a visual representation of what the writer and artist rendition of foreign life is truly a unique experience. The connection between you and the comic books version of alien life forms or parallel universes can be similar or way off base. That is the beauty of the science fiction of comic books. You never know if the comic books interpretation of alien life and alien technology were meant to persuade you into their way of conceptualizing the unfathomable, or not.

Perhaps it is their version from when they read comic books when they were young. Comic books have a plethora of instances where alien life forms want to destroy the earth. The strange beings seem only to want to destroy and conquer. When a comic book portrays a benevolent species that traveled millennia to reach earth, we are immediately suspicious and resort to violence. In comic books where there are alternate timelines, havoc ensues and the hero or heroes must return to the correct timeline. They were sent there on accident from a science experiment or some other apparently plausible explanation.

The science fiction of comic books tends to bend the current law of physics and stretch some truths to fit neatly into a good explanation. After the ramifications from the story are fully examined, it becomes necessary to find new ways in which to use them in future narratives. Thus, one storyline has many possible outcomes for future comic books.

It’s really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of Comic Books. What you learn may give you the confidence you need to venture into new areas.

If a superhero destroys an alien bent on destroying earth and his body dissipates, then you would think the alien is gone. However, matter cannot dissipate. So where is the creature? It seems likely it will be back in the future to reek more wide spread destruction on the unsuspecting populace. On the other hand, it could be a robot that infiltrates machines, and has wrested control from us. Alternatively, it could be ourselves from the distant future that depleted their natural resources so they come back to steal ours. Whatever the reason the strange beings wage warfare with us, or we are beamed to a different reality, the imagination is the clear winner.

Almost every kid sometime or another wanted to take a story they read from a comic book and try some type of experiment. Those kids are the future scientists and perhaps in the meantime, our comic book creators. The science fiction of yesterday becomes the science of tomorrow.

The science may be dubious in comic books but the thrill of pretending you are in the shoes of someone else always held me captive. The comic books will always be filled with science fiction themes and plots based on real science and pseudo science. However, the real magic is that they can implement the two into a comic book, and turn a make believe story into a great work of art that will be remembered for a very long time.

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